One of the most desired muscles that guys want to increase in size are the biceps. That’s understandable since they are a sign of strength. Not to mention, the girls love them too.


Yoga therapy is the application of the science of yoga to enhance health and wellness. ‘Yogic Lifestyle Personal and Group training’ services are one of the best. In Personal training the master gives full attention and focus


A system of physical conditioning which involves vigorous sustained rhythmic routine of exercise, help in weight reduction, flexibility.Being one of the first independent aerobics centres of Bangalore comes with its share of responsibility - of providing consistency in standards .

Professional Bodybuilding

Do you wish to get yourself trained for bodybuilding? We have professionals who are certified. They can train you in various aspects of professional trainers.

Transformation program

We provide transformation programs.

CrossFit Training

CrossFit is one of the fastest growing body strength and conditioning exercises.CrossFit involves a broad range of explosive exercises carried out

Outdoor CrossFit Games

We provide outdoor crossfit programs.

Online Training & Diet Program

your body even expends more energy when digesting your food! Therefore, by splitting up your total meals and eating 5-6 smaller ones throughout the day.

Kickboxing & tycando training

We provide training on Kickboxing & tycando.