Muscle Building Tips

Eat More:

At the end of the day, if you hope to put on any weight at all, you need to have consumed more calories than you burned through both exercise AND normal activity. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to break up your meals into 5-6 smaller ones that you can spread about 2-3 hours apart. Not only does this help you increase your total calories for the day, but it also ensures a long term supply of amino acids (from protein) to support continuous muscle growth. For those of you who truly have a hard time putting on size, try adding some “compact calories” by snacking on nuts (loaded with healthy fats for increased testosterone production and have over twice as many calories as protein or carbs) and dried fruit during the day.

The Right Mix:

To build muscle you need protein. But not just any protein will do. A highly digestible protein that will be sure to hit your muscles is your best choice. For this, I suggest a whey protein powder following your workout, sensible meat, fish, or poultry choices a few times a day, and a snack of cottage cheese sometime in between (cottage cheese breaks down slowly and will give you a steady stream of protein for sustained muscle growth).

“Mass Building” Exercises:

For quality muscle growth all over, forget the “isolation machines” and forearm curls. Compound exercises (the ones that involve more than one joint movement) are the building blocks of any good mass building program.


Busting your ass at the bench press each day in hopes that you’ll force your chest to reach Arnold-like proportions? Not gonna happen my friend! Muscle recovery and subsequent growth takes time and if you keep blasting the same muscle group a few times a week, you’re not letting nature take its course. Only hit each body part one or two time per week with an intense, focused workout and then relax and let your body rest and begin the “repair and rebuild” process.