Metabolic Individuality and your body type

Today we started series for [[Metabolic Individuality and your body type ]]they give knowledge for your body type what type of your body and what you should eat and what kind of exercise routine good for your BODY Metabolic Individuality and Your Body .


Doing Your Best With What You've Got

"Some people are born with the propensity to become fatter than others. There are naturally skinny ectomorphs and naturally fatter endormorphs. Some individuals are given more fat cells by heredity, some fewer. But the set point is affected by environment and behavior as well as heredity. You can vary your set point considerably depending on what and how you eat, as well as what kind and how much exercise you do.”

- Neal Spruce, bodybuilder, author, speaker and founder of APEX fitness

“Whatever you have, you must make the most of it. Rest assured that you can transform yourself, no matter where you started from. The most important body part is the mind. With the will and know-how, you can perform near miracles.”

- Stuart McRobert, author of “Brawn”

No two people are exactly alike.

In the Declaration of Independence, it is written, "All men are created equal." This truism could be interpreted in different ways depending on the context: If you are referring – as Thomas Jefferson was - to unalienable rights, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then virtually everyone would agree. However, if you’re referring to physical and metabolic characteristics, then nothing could be further from the truth: It would be more correct to say that no two people are ever created equal.
There are 6.2 billion people on our planet today and no two are exactly the same. Just as individuals are born with various eye, hair and skin colors, people have also inherited different metabolic and physiological characteristics which influence how easily they can build muscle and lose body fat.
The classic example of metabolic individuality is when two people follow identical training and nutrition programs and one makes amazing progress while the other gets no results at all. This proves that no single program could possibly work for everyone. One of the biggest secrets of permanent fat loss is to develop the ability to recognize and understand the uniqueness of your physiology and adjust your nutrition and training accordingly instead of blindly following someone else.
There are four keys to understanding body types. The first is to learn how to recognize which is your predominant body type. The second key is to learn how to adjust your training and nutrition to fit your body type. The third key is to be patient, persistent and maintain a positive attitude as you work towards your goal. The fourth key is to assume responsibility for the outcome, for better or worse.

Bhupender Vaishnav[SHIVA] Coach & Nutrition Advisor
Owner of Shiva’s Arnold Gym