Fat Loss Tips

Break Your Daily Meals Up Into 5-6 Smaller Meals:

your body even expends more energy when digesting your food! Therefore, by splitting up your total meals and eating 5-6 smaller ones throughout the day, you’re not only giving your body a steady stream of nutrients and avoiding calorie “overload” by stuffing yourself for your 3 meals, you’re also “exercising” your digestive process and burning more calories.

You win on several fronts!

Drink Water:

Drinking water throughout the day has more benefits than I can even begin to describe here. But just looking at it from a “fat-burning” perspective, water helps to fill you up so you don’t feel hungry throughout the day and adds ZERO calories. Not to mention, all those trips to the bathroom are doing what?...yep…making you exercise, right? See again how easy it is? ;-) Now you don’t have to drink so much that you have to trot off to the bathroom every 5 minutes, but you’ll quickly discover the many benefits of carrying around a small bottle with you everywhere when you realize increased energy levels, healthier mental attitude, and yes…more fat burning!

Exercise In The Morning When Possible:

When you exercise, your body is obviously burning calories. But don’t forget, every body function burns calories and that includes all of the recovery processes your body goes through to adapt to your exercise program.
After you exercise, your muscles are busy with their “recover, repair, grow” process and this goes on for several hours after your workout. By exercising in the morning, you can take advantage of your body’s heightened metabolism and burn fat all day long!
Try High Intensity Interval Training! Yes, cardio burns fat. But truth be told, I HATE to run and I don’t particularly like long cardio sessions! For those of you like me, there IS an answer…HIIT! “High intensity interval training” refers to shorter, more strenuous cardio sessions (usually about 3-5 minutes for each exercise), performed back-to-back to create a fast-changing, exciting workout session specifically geared to burn bodyfat. For example, you may do 3 minutes of jumping rope, followed immediately by a 5 minute jog, and then 3 minutes on a rowing machine, etc.
These shorter cycles of different exercises force the body to quickly change the level of intensity, the muscle groups used, and the recovery process all at the same time and it’s been shown that this type of exercise actually burns MORE calories than doing just one type of cardio for the same time period. Best of all, 20 minutes is about all you need to get a great workout in! (There’s actually a 20-minute HIIT workout included in the Optimum Anabolics program if you’re looking for a specific workout example!)

Eat A Salad BEFORE Your Day’s Meals:

Starting off your meals with a salad and low fat dressing or healthy oil (like canola or olive) and vinegar is a great alternative to simply stuffing down those higher calorie foods that are tempting you on your plate. By beginning with a lower calorie option, you’ll end up with lower overall calories for your meal by the time you start feeling full.

Avoid “Dry Carbs” Late At Night:

When you sleep, your body’s metabolism slows way down in order to get the badly needed rest it so deserves. With a slower metabolism, your body doesn’t want to be put through the taxing process of digesting high calorie foods…and especially carbohydrates. For this reason, it’s advisable to avoid eating “dry” carbohydrates about 4-5 hours before bed if possible. This includes such foods as pasta, rice, breads, etc. which have a higher tendency to increase fat storage when combined with a metabolism that wants to get some rest and relaxation. Instead, opt for a slower digesting protein source (such as low fat cottage cheese) prior to bed that has a lesser chance of being stored as fat and can also help fuel muscle growth while you sleep.

Don’t Go To The Grocery Store Hungry:

I admit it…if I’m at the grocery store and I haven’t eaten close to the time I entered, the aisle filled with soda’s, chips and any other processed junk food you can thing of doesn’t just call my name…it seems to be SCREAMING for me to “Get the hell over here…NOW!” It’s hard to resist ANY time I’m in the store…but especially so when my stomach is empty and I want something sugary or fattening to satisfy my craving. By eating before going to the store, I make sure that I buy only healthy foods to stock my cupboards and give me that “arsenal” of nutrition I need to maintain my body.